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1961   Jan-Olof Eriksson and his close neighbours, brothers Jan and Lars Hofverberg, in swedish town of Umea, start a band which they call The Lightnings. Instruments are two guitars and drum. Jan-Olof and Lars also sing. First song is "What you´ve done to me".   

First picture of The Lightnings in january 1962. From left Jan-Olof Eriksson, Jan Hofverberg and Lars Hofverberg. Photo: Helge Hofverberg.

1962 Jan build his own bass guitar and both Jan-Olof and Lars have got electric guitars. At Jan´s twelfth birthday The Lightnings participate in a local rock band competiton and plays instrumental tunes "Plattlaggen" and "Dark eyes" but comes last. The band have no drummer.    

1963  Early this year The Lightnings have 90 instrumental tunes on their repertoire, 12 of them written by Jan-Olof. In march drummer Gosta Lindh is recruited and he stays in the band for six months before leaving Umea with his family. In september the band splits.   

The Lightnings in may 1963. From left Jan-Olof Eriksson, Gosta Lindh, Jan Hofverberg and Lars Hofverberg. Photo: Gosta Eriksson.

1987 In december Jan-Olof Eriksson, KG Johansson, Jan Sandstrom (bass) and Sven-Erik Omberg (drums) perform sixties music for their students at the School of Music in Pitea, Sweden, including instrumental numbers Apache, FBI and Walk don´t run. This leads Jan-Olof to take up his forgotten interest in instrumental music in the tradition of The Shadows. He starts to buy records and makes transcriptions of all the parts for many classic instrumental tunes.    

1989 In june the all instrumental band Blue Shadows make the debut at an open air concert in a park in Pitea. Jan-Olof´s son, 15 year old John Eriksson, is the drummer in the band.  

First public appearance of what is to become Joe´s Combo. Blue Shadows in Pitea in 1989. From left KG Johansson, John Eriksson, Jan-Olof Eriksson and Jan Sandstrom. Photo: Inga-Lill Eriksson.

1990 Blue Shadows, which soon will be renamed Apache, play two concerts in Pitea. Line up is Jan-Olof Eriksson, KG Johansson, John Eriksson and bass guitarist Anders Lofgren. The band is augmented with singers Anna Wedin and Kerstin Larsson at the first concert.    

1991 Keyboardplayer Micke Langs and vocalist Olle Strandberg are doing the first concert with the band in Lulea in december.    

The Lightnings get together after a long break.   

The Lightnings, at New Year´s Eve 1991, playing together for the first time since 1963. From left Jan-Olof Eriksson, John Eriksson, Jan Hofverberg and Lars Hofverberg. Photo: Karin Lundstrom.

1992 In may The Lightnings are back after 29 years with a concert in Umea.     

Apache change the name to Joe´s Combo and records in june. Bass guitarist at the sessions is Jimmy Kallqvist. Some of the songs appear on "Portrait of Joe´s Combo".    

Jan-Olof´s old mate from The Lightnings, Jan Hofverberg, will be the permanent bassplayer in Joe´s Combo. 
Jimmy Kallqvist, at left, with one of his fellow musicians today, "Little Mike" Watson, after a gig in Umea, Sweden, 10 august 2000. Photo: Jan Hofverberg.  


1994 Joe´s Combo records the band´s first full-length CD in january. 9 out of 18 songs are self-penned by Jan-Olof and KG. Olle Strandberg and David Myhr are doing the vocals.   

"Time out with Joe´s Combo" is released in june.   

Joe´s Combo in the studio in january 1994. From left John Eriksson, KG Johansson, Jan-Olof Eriksson, Micke Langs and Jan Hofverberg. Photo: Jan Hofverberg.

1995 Back in the studio in january to record 21 songs, all composed by Jan-Olof, KG or Micke Langs. 

Concert in Rosfors in july 1995. From left Micke Langs, Jan Hofverberg, John Eriksson, Jan-Olof Eriksson and KG Johansson. Photo: Karin Lundstrom.

1996 Some liveconcerts but also frustration - when will the record be released?   

Joe´s Combo before a concert in Hortlax, february 1996. From left John Eriksson, Jan-Olof Eriksson, Jan Hofverberg, KG Johansson, Olle Strandberg (vocals) and Micke Langs. Photo: David Eriksson.

2000 The first live gig since november 1996 takes place at the prestigious Shadowsfestival in Oslo, Norway, june 3, where the boys play alongside legends Bruce Welch and Jet Harris of The Shadows. The successful concert also marks the debut of drummer Esbjorn Mortzell. 

At last the recordings from 1995 will be released by dutch company Rarity Records.

The Shadowsfestival in Oslo, 3 june. From left KG Johansson, Jan Hofverberg and Jan-Olof Eriksson. Photo: Goran Ulfstedt.














Joe´s Combo performs both years at "Stora Rockfesten" in Umeå. Singer is Jan Svensson, who also plays together with Jan Hofverberg and Esbjörn Mörtzell in Ford Cortina.

Joe´s Combo plays at Spotnicksfestivalen in Lerum outside of Gothenburg may 13
. Among other acts at the festival are The Ryders and The Spotnicks. This time Joe´s Combo comprises of Jan-Olof Eriksson, Micke Långs, Jan Hofverberg, Jan Svensson, guitar and vocals, and Andreas Öberg, drums.


Rehersals before Spotnicksfestivalen, Piteå may 7. From left Micke Långs (inserted), Jan Hofverberg, Andreas Öberg, Jan Svensson and Jan-Olof Eriksson.





Joe´s Combo performs in the Black Box at School of music, Piteå may 17. Joe´s Combo-fan Ove Öberg is having a party. The band is this time Jan-Olof Eriksson, Micke Långs, KG Johansson, Jan Hofverberg, Hans Hjortek, drums, and Janne Bergman, vocals.


Upper picture Ove Öberg. Lower picture from left Micke Långs, Janne Bergman and Jan-Olof Eriksson. Photo: Jan Hofverberg.



Joe´s Combo


Joe´s Combo

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